Kate Gosselin’s Hair Change Creates An Uproar

Rachel Adler

Kate Gosselin, reality TV star of Jon & Kate Plus 8, debuted a new hairstyle on The View the other day and we here at StyleCaster think it’s an improvement. Famous for saying that she loved her old hair because she had too many kids to take the time to do anything with it, and of course she was splashed all over tabloids anytime she dolled up her appearance. Well Kate, it was about time for a change. When she sat down to chat with the girls of The View she declared, “Isn’t it cute???”

And we thought you didn’t care how you looked….

Maybe it was that extra shove from Kathy Griffin’s immitation of her ‘do in the sketch ‘Kate is Enough’ that got her to finally let go of that asymmetrical bob. Either way, we’re happier with the results. We hope it sticks around, so that people everywhere can copy this one as well.