Kate Gosselin Keeps Options Open, Renews Nursing License


Is Kate Gosselin concerned that her TV career may be coming to an end? In a special episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on Monday, Gosselin stated that she’s decided to renew her nursing license which would have expired on Halloween if she hadn’t done so. Before making her way to fame in the reality TV world, Gosselin was a nurse for The Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Pennsylvania. With trouble on the horizon for Jon and Kate (more like shipwrecked at this point), it’s questionable how long the reality show will last.

Smart choice of Kate’s front, in our opinion, but in order to get her license renewed, she’ll have to follow state regulations and commit to 30 hours of continuing education credits. We’re just curious when she’ll find time to complete them with 8 little munchkins running around all the time. Hopefully, for Jon and Kate fans, it won’t come to that.