Kate Gosselin Interview on Today Show Reveals Financial Woes


Kate Gosselin appeared on the Today Show, to expose the financial problems occurring between her and Jon. She claims that Jon emptied a joint bank account, taking $230,000 of their money. Holding back tears, Kate told Meredith Viera, “I have a stack of bills. The last thing I wanted was to do this show and end up not being able to pay our bills.”

Hopefully Kate will get some hard-earned cash from Kate Plus 8. Revealing the struggles of a single mother, Kate will take on the camera and the kids alone, as Jon wanted out of the spotlight. He even hung up a sign on the front gate of his residence, threatening TLC and their camera crews to stay away from him and his property.


We wonder what Jon is really doing with all that cash? Last we heard he had set up the Jon Gosselin Children’s Foundation, and was partnering with Millions of Milkshakes. Jon created his own flavor called “Jon Gosselin’s Crazy Eight Shake,” all the proceeds are said to go to his foundation. We wonder, if he is really in it for the children? Or is he hoping his milkshake will bring all the girls to his yard? (Sorry but it was too easy, with Jon’s new playboy lifestyle and all.)

We hope that the couple fixes their financial troubles, and starts focusing on the kids. We can’t help but wonder how being on a reality show will effect them in the long run? We predict only more reality TV shows to come.