Kate Gets Censored


Kate Moss has gotten herself in quite a few sticky situations– the girl is not known for abiding by the rules. The latest case of Kate Moss censorship isn’t quite her fault though. Subculture magazine Monster Children managed to secure one of Hedi Slimane’s shots of Moss from his “Kate Liberation” series for the cover of their Issue 23.

The distributor of Monster Children wasn’t quite as excited about the shot as founders Campbell Milligan and Chris Searl were. After catching wind that the shot features Moss partially topless (really? Had they never seen Slimane’s photography before?) they decided to restrict the issue. As of now the Kate Moss issue will be available in bookstores, online, and to a few subscribers. According to Milligan and Searl, “newsagents’ copies will have a selection of photos that we’ve printed and stuck to the front.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m more interested in a secret photo of Miss Moss hiding beneath layers of found images, so if you run across one of those copies, send it my way.

In case you’re curious what they’re hiding, the entire “Kate Liberation” can be seen on Hedi Slimane’s Diary.