Kate Bosworth Launches New Video for Topshop: 5 Questions We Have

Meghan Blalock

Kate Bosworth is back working with British mega-retailer Topshop, and her latest project as design consultant is to co-design their new high-end line, The Collection. The campaign for the line—which, by the way, includes pieces retailing for up to $995—just went live on the Topshop site this morning, and it includes the above video directed by Bosworth’s husband-to-be Michael Polish.

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While we love a lot of the pieces from the collection, we have to admit the video has us a bit befuddled. When we first heard that Bosworth had teamed up with her husband on a fashion video for Topshop, we were ecstatic—would it be like a fashion film? Something cinematic? (The director’s upcoming release, “Big Sur,” looks seriously spectacular, and Polish also directed a film with Topshop last season, which featured Bosworth as a sultry singer in “Winter Wonderland.”) The results, which you can view above, are a little less grand—though again, love the clothes!

Here are a few questions we have about the video—from why Kate’s wearing Adam Ant makeup to why she’s screaming.

1. Why is it so small?
While most fashion brands aim to go big with their images and wide-screen with their videos, this particular video is actually really small—and almost square?—with a thick black border around it. We’d love to see the clothes in better details with a bigger frame!

2. What’s with the Adam Ant makeup?
We couldn’t stop staring in wonder at Bosworth’s facepaint/makeup and think of ’80s pop star Adam Ant, who rocked a similar look.


3. And: Why go with wet hair?
Another reason the fashion doesn’t get enough of our attention: Kate’s wet hair. Remember earlier this year, when this trend dominated the runways at the Fall 2013 shows? And then everyone tried to wear it in real life before swiftly realizing that it’s totally implausible, and—in fact—isn’t all that flattering? Kate, you are just far too gorgeous to commit to something so trendy!

4. What is the “dancing” all about?
The choreography in the video can best be described as robotic—maybe even GIF-like?

5. What’s with the silent screaming?
At one point, Bosworth lets out a silent scream, “Home Alone”-style. Maybe it’s an art-house thing? We’re excited about the collection, too, but we were hoping we’d see more smiles and excitement, and less screaming.

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