Kate Beckinsale Claps Back After Her Red Carpet Dress Is Called ‘Hideous’

Kate Beckinsale
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows.

Kate Beckinsale will wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants, thank you very much. The 45-year-old actor shut down a hater who called her dress “hideous” on Instagram on Monday, and we’re still not over her response.

The clap back happened after Beckinsale instagrammed her red carpet look from GQ’s Men of the Year Awards a couple weeks ago. The look featured Beckinsale in a printed red-and-black dress which was extremely short on one side (think: crotch-length) and featured a flowing, one-shoulder train on the other. The dress also included a cut-out a V-shaped neckline. It was a #lewk, but if anyone could pull it off, it was Beckinsale.

Naturally, Beckinsale used her Instagram to make fun of her pants-less outfit. “When you suddenly get that horrid stab of panic that you left the house without putting on your trousers#butsarahicanfeeladraughtinmyarchitrave,” Beckinsale wrote in the caption.

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However, not everyone thought Beckinsale’s look was so amusing. One commenter, who founded it especially “hideous,” decided to tell Beckinsale his unasked-for opinion. “Quite possibly the most hideous dress I’ve ever laid eyes on. What were you thinking?” the commenter wrote.

Not having it, Beckinsale clapped back with the most perfect response. First she told the guy that she wears what she likes—not what pleases him. Then she turned the tables around and put the focus on his orange T-shirt and “startled agony.” “I wear what pleases me. In a similar vein carry on with your orange t shirt and expression of startled agony,” Beckinsale responded.

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We have a feeling that that guy will be keeping his opinions to himself from now on. Damn, Kate. Didn’t have to do him so dirty like that.