Karlie Kloss Lets Jennifer Lawrence Know She and Taylor Swift Are Still Friends

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift
Photo: Kevin Mazur/AMA2014/WireImage.

Attention, world: There’s big news with Karlie Kloss—and no, it’s not about her role as the new host of Project Runway. The 26-year-old model is still friends with Taylor Swift, and we heard the news straight from the source: Kloss herself.

The Illinois-born model was asked about her relationship with Swift in an interview with Vogue, where she cleared up the rumors once and for all: They’re still really good friends. Kloss directed her answer at Jennifer Lawrence, who told The New York Times that the drama between Kloss and Swift is “keeping [her] up at night.” “I’d like to know what’s going on with Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, that’s the honest to God truth,” Lawrence said.

As for Kloss, she wants everyone to chill because Kaylor is as strong as ever. “The world needs to know? Well, Jennifer Lawrence was interested. Jen, don’t worry, Taylor and I are still really good friends,” Kloss said when Vogue told her that the “world deserves to know” if she’s “still cool” with Swift.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time Kloss has spoken about her relationship with Swift. In March, the model broke her silence on the drama in an interview with The New York Times, where she told fans, “Don’t believe everything you read.” In August, Kloss gave fans hope that she and Swift are still friends after she instagrammed a picture of them together after one of Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour shows.

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This might not be the first time Kloss has spoken about Swift, but it is the first time we’ve been given a definitive answer. There you have it. The mystery of Kloss and Swift is over. They’re still friends, and as happy as ever. Case closed.