Karlie Kloss: A Photo Essay for Life Magazine

Karlie Kloss: A Photo Essay for Life Magazine
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There are a million pretty faces. There aren’t a million icons. Karlie Kloss, seducing the world with her mysterious elegance on the cover of Life Magazine, is an icon.

Everyone knows Karlie Kloss the supermodel: the gorgeous face of Dior and Oscar de la Renta who appeared in Vogue more than any other model last year. She’s successful, stunning and world renowned.

“We would be out on the street in Paris and there would be people screaming ‘We love you Karlie!’ ‘Karlie you’re so beautiful!’ And she really is on the inside too,” said New York based fashion photographer Gabrielle Revere. “For someone to have the combination of both, it’s more than beauty, it’s more than a pretty face.”

Over four months, Revere followed and photographed supermodel Karlie Kloss. Compiled as a photo story for Life Magazine, the essay trails Kloss from her prom-dress fitting at Dior in New York to the milestone dance in St. Louis. The pair then jetted back to New York for the Met Gala before arriving in Paris for Couture Week.

The photo spread depicts the life of a typical teenage girl, who just happens to be an icon.

“I wanted to show her other than what people already know her as,” said Revere. “I didn’t want to pose her – she has been seen as the face of campaigns and labels. I wanted her to just be her.”

Kloss was raised in St. Louis Missouri. Since relocating to New York, she has retained the wholesome morals she learned as a child. She has incredibly strong bonds with her family, who have remained supportive of her career while encouraging her to stay a normal teenager. This past spring, she graduated from high school.

“Karlie never lost the home-sweet-home values that define her. She was determined to keep that area of her life,” said Revere. “At that point I knew I wasn’t just photographing any model. I was photographing someone with passion and integrity. It made me want to photograph her every second of every day.”

Revere photographed Kloss as she experienced her high school prom. She captured a typical American teenager, dressed in a glittering gown, fixing her hair in the bathroom mirror.

“What an incredible juxtaposition,” said Revere. “Here’s a supermodel in her teenage iconic beauty, in her Dior gown, getting ready to go to the prom in Saint Louis Missouri.”

It was the essence of the photo story: revealing the beautiful girl behind the beautiful face.

“There was no hesitation, no barriers,” said Revere. “Just a really beautiful, feminine moment.”

Kloss flew to New York the morning after her prom to attend the Met Gala.

After the Met Gala, Revere followed Kloss to Paris for Couture Week. Revere recalled photographing the happy-go-lucky teenager as she blew kisses and snapped photos of herself in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Revere continued to photograph as hairstylists at the Giorgio Armani Priv show sculpted Kloss’s locks. While they worked, Kloss popped bright pink bubblegum and blasted Madonna’s Immaculate Collection through her earbuds.

“It was amazing to watch her transitioning from being a high school student to being a full time model,” said Revere. “The world is her oyster.”

Kloss is ecstatic about the photo essay. She called Revere a few days before the issue debuted, gushing.

“She’s excited, and that makes me so happy,” said Revere.

Revere hopes that many years from now the photos will remain an important part of Kloss’s life journey. Despite the fame, she’ll still be the sweet, Mid-Western girl in the glittering prom dress, fixing her hair in the bathroom mirror.

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