Karlie Kloss Teams Up With Denim Brand To Create Jeans For Really Tall Girls

Perrie Samotin

Photo via Vogue

File this under #SupermodelProblems: Karlie Kloss is simply too tall to find jeans that fit!

In all seriousness, the six-foot-one model does have a staggeringly vertical frame to work with—and has no need whatsoever to rely on clever fashion tricks to look taller—so it makes sense that she’s taken matters into her own hands and created jeans for really, really tall girls like her.

According to Vogue, the 20-year-old model has teamed up with FRAME denim designers Jens Grede and Erik Torstensson to cocreate two pairs of jeans—flared and skinny in light and dark washes—each with 40-inch inseams.

To put that into perpsective, most standard jeans and pants on the market targeted to tall women rarely go above a 37-inch inseam.

“I’m freakishly tall, so finding pants that fit is something I’ve struggled with my whole life,” the gazelle-like model told Vogue. “My secret to pulling off too-short jeans has always been to pair them with boots . . . and I really rocked the flood-pant trend for as long as I could!”

As Vogue pointed out, this might sound like a pretty good problem to have, but for excessively willowy women like Kloss, finding jeans that fit like a glove isn’t only a matter of extending the leg. Think of your best jeans, regardless of how tall you are—the perfection also lies in the hips, the behind and the waistband, right?

“It’s not just a case of making jeans longer,” said Grede. “The entire proportion changes and denim factories had never cut that way before.”

The Forever Karlie Flare ($219) and Forever Karlie Skinny ($209) will available next month at Barneys New York, Net-A-Porter, Ron Herman, and Jeffrey.


Photo via Vogue

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