The Karlie Kloss Effect Spreads To The Oscars

Jessica Rubin

If there’s one thing we missed during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, it was playing “I Spy Karlie Kloss.” The 19-year-old whiz kid has taken the fashion world by storm and now it seems her mesmerizing presence is leaving actresses with more severe cases of “Oscarexia” then ever before.

The pre-Oscar scramble to lose 5 pounds has become a famous part of Hollywood’s biggest night. Many stars lean on fitness tips like those we shared with you from the work-out guru Michelle Lovitt. But in the final days before the awards ceremony, all reason is thrown to the wind and those A-Listers do everything they can to fit into the size 0 couture dress flown in from Paris. The thing is, no matter how hard any of us tries, we’re just not going to look like Kloss in that sample size gown. And that, my friends, is just the sad truth.

According to The Hollywood Reporter it’s not uncommon for stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba to cut out sodium and carbs and pile on the water and veggies in the days before the show. Which doesn’t sound too crazy, except that these already tiny women are doing so to squeeze into a sample dress so small it seems unnatural. The fashion world and Hollywood have certainly collided. Celebrities sit front row at shows and take their knowledge of designers very seriously. THR touches on the pressure for celebs to score the best gown from the best names … and you better be able to slide them on once the big night rolls around.

So let the juice cleanses and hours of cardio continue. Yeah, we’d love to look like Karlie. But since that’s just not happening we’re happy to sit back and watch all the drama unfold from the comfort of our couch surrounded by guac, wine and the happy truth that we don’t need to walk out of our house with three pairs of Spanx on under our outfit.

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