Karlie Kloss’ Legs Look Longer Than My Last Relationship In This Gorgeous Dress

Maggie Griswold
Karlie Kloss’ Legs Look Longer Than My Last Relationship In This Gorgeous Dress
Photo: PETER FOLEY/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock.

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The 18th season of Project Runway has just come to an end, but I’m still reeling over one outfit from the finale. While the runway looks were truly amazing, my favorite look of the night was actually worn by a very tall judge. (By process of elimination, this one’s pretty easy to guess.) Karlie Kloss’ Project Runway finale dress was the ultimate culmination of everything for which the show stands. I’ve watched enough seasons to know that the judges always attend the finale (and every other episode, too, honestly) looking stunning. Karlie Kloss may have upped the stakes for this season’s finale, though, because she came out here looking like a leggy goddess.

Look, I know Karlie Kloss is a very tall—and beautiful—human in general, and doesn’t need an incredibly chic dress to make her legs look longer. (Unlike myself, who is 5’3″ and has to get everything hemmed.) But, damnit, sometimes it’s worth pointing out the fact that Karlie Kloss’ legs are having a moment. Not only are they having a moment—They’re having a moment in a drop-dead gorgeous black Brandon Maxwell dress. This is what luxury (and long legs) looks like, people. Bask in it.

Yes, all the judges looked amazing during the finale, but Karlie Kloss in a Brandon Maxwell gown is just hard to beat. The cut-out details, the skirt, the legs—Everything just came together so perfectly on Kloss. The model obviously knows how to work an outfit, but I think this might be her greatest achievement yet. And seriously, I can’t stop staring at those stems she has.

I don’t think that Karlie Kloss has ever worn anything anyone could deem a fashion mishap, which is perhaps one of the reasons she’s been an excellent judge for Project Runway. The combination of her modeling expertise, impeccable fashion sense and time spent in the industry make her a truly qualified judge. I just can’t wait to see what she wears next season.