Coming Soon: An Entire Book Filled With Karl Lagerfeld Quotes

Perrie Samotin

karl lagerfeld book Coming Soon: An Entire Book Filled With Karl Lagerfeld Quotes

In news that’s not terribly surprising, an entire book is being compiled from Karl Lagerfeld‘s quotes.

According to WWD, French publisher Flammarion has assembled a variety of the designer’s best one-liners and turned them into a hardcover book titled “Le monde selon Karl” (“The World According to Karl”), that will also feature around 80 illustrations by Charles Ameline.

The book is set to hit shelves this fall, and while Karl didn’t “cooperate” on the project, the 79-year-old Chanel mastermind is reportedly pleased with the outcome.

We’re assuming the bon mots included won’t be of the unfiltered “Adele is overweight” or “Pippa Middleton isn’t cute” variety, and instead will align more with the generally harmless “Karlisms”  found on his website.

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