Karl Lagerfeld is Being Turned Into a Barbie Doll

Last week, we told you about  the staggering of cost of a fur Fendi charm that looks like Karl Lagerfeld—$1,685!—but if you’re really jonesing for something in the iconic designer’s likeness but don’t have a month’s rent to burn, this news might be more palatable: Mattel is launching a limited-edition Lagerfeld Barbie doll.

karl lagerfeld barbie doll

Courtesy photo

According to WWD, the doll will be part of the Barbie Collector Series and won’t actually be a man. Rather, a classic (albeit gray-haired) Barbie will dress in the Chanel designer’s signature ensemble: tailored black jacket, white shirt with a high collar and skinny black jeans. Accessories are key, and include a thick tie, chains, dark sunglasses, black ankle boots, and—of course—miniature fingerless gloves.

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This isn’t the first time Chanel and Fendi’s main main has teamed up with Mattel: He dressed Barbie in Chanel for the toy brand’s 50th anniversary in 2009, and photographed her alongside male model Baptiste Giabiconi for a special display at famed Parisian shop Colette.

karl lagerfeld chanel barbie mattel 50th birthday

Lagerfeld’s 2009 Chanel Barbie was created for the doll’s 50th birthday.

While pricing and distribution details haven’t been released, Barbie turns 55 years old this year, so we’re eager to see which other famous folks get the plastic treatment.