Karl Lagerfeld Designed Lily Allen’s Wedding Party Dress!


It’s good to be a muse. Lily Allen is one of the lucky girls who’s gotten the Karl Lagerfeld stamp of approval, and apparently one of the perks of this achievement is being able to get the Kaiser himself to design a dress for her wedding.

The British songstress and newbie fashion designer, who was the face of Chanel’s line of Coco Cocoon handbags back in 2009, revealed that Karl would dress her for her big day during the Fall 2011 shows in Paris, and images of the sketch and the gown popped up on the Chanel website yesterday.

While Lily wore a Delphine Manivet dress during the actual ceremony, she tweeted that she wore the ethereal white Chanel look to her reception. We think that the new Mrs. Cooper looked exquisite, and we’re pretty sure that Karl knows how to make any woman feel like a princess (or duchess, if we’re talking Kate Middleton here) on her wedding day.

What do you think of her celebratory Chanel look?

Image via Chanel