Inside the Karl Lagerfeld and Cassina Collaboration

Lorein Abenhaim

e33305046ed2c09c_0-karlthreechairs.xxxlargeFor the first time in Karl Lagerfeld’s versatile career, he has teamed up with furniture brand Cassina on a photo portrait series highlighting the brand’s history. While predominantly known as the longtime designer behind Chanel, Lagerfeld is also quite a gifted photographer. The Gordon Parks Foundation Award in 2011 and the cultural prize from the German Photographic Society, are just some of his accolades in that department. Lagerfeld also regularly shoots Chanel ad campaigns.
With Cassina, Lagerfeld shows a personal interpretation of the furniture brand’s collections, which include many design landmarks. Lagerfeld featured designs from Le Corbusier, Piero Lissoni, and Rodolfo Dordoni, among others.
Here’s a short clip of the collaboration between Lagerfeld and Cassina at work:

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