The KarJenners Want Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Back Together—Here’s Why

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott
Photo: Shutterstock.

Everyone and their mother has opinions about Travis and Kylie’s recent split—I mean, literally Kylie’s mom has opinions. Apparently, the KarJenners want Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott back together, which is both surprising and somehow to be expected from the Kardashian clan, who do have a track record for giving their beaus a few too many second chances. It’s understandable, though. After all, we all know how hard it can be to let go of someone you love, and this is especially the argument for the Kardashians this time around. Sources close to the family say that they have some really good reasons for supporting a reunion between the young couple.

In case you haven’t guessed already, these reasons definitely have to do with Travis and Kylie’s shared daughter, Stormi Webster. Stormi is almost two years old, which means that she’s been a huge link between the couple, who have only been together for two years in total. Despite the cheating allegations, growing trust issues within their relationship, and the constant fighting at home, Kylie and Travis are trying to keep things civil for Stormi’s sake. So far, so good. They’re still friends according to Kylie—but it’s looking like her family wants more.

A source told People recently that the Kardashian clan is really hoping that these two will work things out. “Her family wants them to be together,” the source shared, “Travis might not be perfect, but he’s a great partner and dad. Everyone would be upset if Kylie can’t figure things out with Travis.” Interesting that the onus is on Kylie to figure things out with her baby daddy, who may or may not have cheated on her. Honestly, power to her for making the decision to split—it sounds like Travis should be explaining himself more, like he did on recently on his “Highest in the Room” track.

For now, at least, “Kylie and Travis are spending time together because of Stormi,” the source says. “And they seem okay. They aren’t arguing or having any disagreements. They’re a great team, and it’s a good sign that they still enjoy hanging out.” This is definitely a good sign, but who knows? Kylie might take a nod from her sister Kourtney’s good co-parenting routine instead and keep it at that.