Karen Walker: 20 Things I’m Loving Now

Perrie Samotin


Ever wonder what top designers are doing/wearing/eating/loving in their spare time? Us too! That’s why we decided to find out, via a short but informative survey aptly titled “20 Things I’m Loving Now.”

Sent to a variety of designers and fashion insiders, our questionnaire seeks to find out what quotidien things make interesting people tick—from the books they’re reading and the shows they’re DVRing, to the cocktail they’re sipping.

Of course, we also asked about fashion, but instead of seeking long-winded responses, we decided to keep it short and snappy: A go-to piece of denim, what shoes they’re favoring today, the most comfy T-shirt—you get the picture.

Next up: One of our all-time favorite designers, New Zealand native Karen Walker, who just presented her cool-as-usual Spring 2014 show during New York Fashion Week.  

1. Trend: Utility

2. Shoes: Beau Coops for Karen Walker, and ankle-strap pumps.

3. Jeans: Topshop


4. Top: Uniqlo for lightweight boyfriend cuts.

5. Underpinnings: Calvin Klein

6. Planning: [We just had our] Summer 2014 show, and now a week’s holiday in Fiji with my family.

7. Cocktail: A classic Champagne cocktail.


8. Restaurant: Sunday Painters in [Auckland’s] Ponsonby Road because it’s my local.

9.  Reading: I’m having a marathon of P.G. Wodehouse‘s Jeeves and Wooster and loving it.

10. DVRing: Various classic Disney movies: “Bambi” and “The Aristocats” are hot favorites in my house at present.

11. Applying: Bumble and Bumble grooming creme.

12. Blasting: “Native Dreams” by Rose Windows.

13. Relaxing: Yoga

14. Indulging: Baking

15. Coveting:  I just saw a beautiful photograph at Derek Henderson’s latest exhibition, Let’s Hope They’re Friendly, that I’d love to add to my collection.

16. Accessorizing: Karen Walker jewelry and eyewear.

17. Morning must: Fresh carrot juice.

18. Culture: I love the National Portait Gallery when I’m in London.


19. Getaway: Fiji.