Karen Elson Falls on Stage at British Fashion Awards Plus the Top 10 Most Memorable Fashion Spills


Last night, supermodel Karen Elson took a spill on stage at the British Fashion Awards, tumbling four feet into the orchestra pit and disappearing from sight. Thankfully the model and her Alexander McQueen dress went unharmed.

However, it’s hard not to laugh at the towering models who don’t make it down the runway. What with their designer clothes, sky-high stilettos and stone cold smiles, a little giggle is bound to pop out after you witness a spill on the runway. Of course, all laughing matters are put aside until the model gets up and gets going down that runway. 

Here are the top ten most memorable fashion spills:

Naomi Campbell


Even though it was in 1994, it’s hard to forget that Naomi took a spill on the Vivienne Westwood runway.

Kamila W.


Kamila also took a spill on Vivienne’s runway, years later. This one gave us a scare and Kamila was pretty shaky on the way down. 

Elise Crombez


Proezna Schouler’s Spring 2007 shoes challenged Crombez, but she obviously wasn’t up for it as she landed on her butt mid-strut.

Lara Stone


It’s hard to believe that this is really Lara Stone. It feels like forever ago when our gal took a spill at Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2007 show. 

Yulia Kharalapanova 


Kharalapanova had her catastrophe in the Prada Spring 2009 show. 

Milana Bogolepova 


Teetering back and forth in Dior’s baby blue pumps, Bogolepova managed to catch her balance. 

Monika Jagaciak 


Monika went down hard but kept smiling as she got up and continued down the runway. 

Iekeliene Stange 


Stange kicked off her shoes as she was afraid to slip and fall during the 2007 Marc Jacobs runway show. 

Alexandra Tomlinson 


Taking a fall on the Chanel Couture runway should be the deal breaker when it comes to modeling.  
Adina Forizs


This one had a hard time keeping her shoes on at the Brian Reyes runway show.