The Kardashians Were Just Robbed—Again

The Kardashians Were Just Robbed—Again
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The Kardashians were the target of yet another robbery this week. Thankfully, there were no guns involved in this theft and no one was hurt, but police sources told TMZ that a woman targeted the Melrose Avenue DASH boutique on Monday, making off with $1,600 in merchandise. Apparently, she walked into the shop, grabbed a load of clothes and perfume, and got away in a silver sedan. Thus far, she hasn’t been apprehended.

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Monday just happened to be the day that law enforcement arrested 17 suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery that happened at gunpoint in Paris in October, so—just when they got a break on that case, yet another crime to solve breaks out. This one is nothing compared to Kim’s horrific ordeal, but $1,600 is still significant. Here’s hoping this is the last time any Kardashians are robbed this year—or ever.

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