The Kardashians Are Having A Krap Day In Fashion


107181 1291915081 The Kardashians Are Having A Krap Day In Fashion
Photo: Jerrit Clark, Getty Images

Despite their efforts to be taken seriously in the fashion industry, the Kardashians seem to be striking out. Yesterday, the New York Times published a scathing but not untrue review of their recently opened NYC branch of Dash boutique, calling the design “deeply unambitious” and its tasteless stock “a fashion desert.” The author also commented on how temporary the set up looked, like a glorified pop-up shop thrown together for the sole purpose of a TV spin-off plotline, which we also noticed upon our trip to the store.

To make matters worse, Dash’s high-fashion mecca of a neighbor Kirna Zabete didn’t exactly have kind words when they stopped by last month. They Tweeted (at Kim!) a picture of owner Sarah Easley wearing a Rick Owens jacket while holding up a knock-off from Dash’s racks. Finally, WWD hinted that the Kardashians’ design stint at Bebe might be coming to an end as well. The sisters do still have relevance, said Bebe President, Emilia Fabricant. But at Bebe we need to move with fashion and we want to be first in the fashion world with everybody else and not fall behind. We are definitely assessing the situation. Ouch.

107179 1291914490 The Kardashians Are Having A Krap Day In Fashion
Photo via @KirnaZabete

They say that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, but since the Kardashians are cleary not able to “take NYC,” maybe they should just close up shop on their fashion careers for good.