Are the Kardashians Taking Styling Cues from Highlighters?

Lindsey Lanquist
Are the Kardashians Taking Styling Cues from Highlighters?
Photo: Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images.

The end of summer brought with it a surge of neon clothes, particularly among celebrities. Nothing says “warm weather” like an array of hyper-saturated pinks, oranges and yellows; it’s almost as if our favorite stars got together and decided that if they collectively wore neon clothes every weekend from mid-August forward, cold weather would never come and summer would go on forever.

As this weekend’s cool rainy days revealed: This attempt at illuminati magic did not pay off.

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While Dua Lipa, Rita Ora and other risk-taking stars casually hopped aboard the neon bandwagon, no one embraced the technicolor lifestyle more than the Kardashians. The stylish clan has so thoroughly tackled the neon trend that they’ve pretty much exclusively worn neon for the past month or so. The commitment runs deep; even when a Kardashian is caught sporting a rare neutral, you can still find her wearing a neon wig and/or posing in front of something neon.

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Reader, we’ve passed the point of happenstance. This has to be intentional. It’s so obviously intentional, in fact, that it pretty much begs the question: Are the Kardashians taking style cues from…a pack of highlighters?

Some evidence:

Kim Kardashian has near-exclusively worn neon yellow-green since August 21.

Kourtney and Kylie have gotten in on the yellow-green action, too.

Before Kim’s neon yellow-green phase, she was all about neon pink.

Khloé‘s been there, too.

Khloé and Kourtney have also been on the neon orange beat.

And guess what color Kylie’s been wearing as of late.

Who knew so much outfit inspiration was hiding out in the back-to-school aisle?