How to Decorate Your Home, According to the Kardashians

How to Decorate Your Home, According to the Kardashians
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The Kardashians are nothing if not intrepid in their pursuit of looking flawless. And this extends to their homes, of course, because the perfect selfie cannot be taken in a slipshod environment. KourtneyKim, and Khloé Kardashian, as well as half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, all own luxurious abodes in California, and they all seem to prefer the same easy, breezy, minimalist-chic look, with each sister putting her own mark on the theme. So we combed the internet to find the best of Kardashian decor—and found similar shopping options, in case you’d like to decorate like a Kardashian.

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Ahead, find some shots of the Kardashians’ homes, along with similar shopping options to keep you up with the Kardashians. Thanks in part to interior-decorator-to-the-stars Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who has been used by many a Kardashian sister to get her mansion up to snuff, the women are all living in very tidy, super chic luxury. We learned exactly what you can find behind the hallowed doors of a Kardashian, for a little home design inspo of the reality family variety.

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Kourtney poses in her office, which features a bunch of art on one wall. One that stands out: Harry Benson's photograph of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra at Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball.

Photo: instagram

"Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow at Truman Capote's Black and White Ball at the Plaza Hotel, New York, 1966," starting at $5,500; at 1stDibs

Photo: 1stDibs

Kourtney's chandelier game is strong—nearly every photo we've seen of her main rooms includes a signature chandelier hanging from the rafters, as it were. This one is from Jonathan Adler, which means you can buy the exact same one.

Photo: Grey Crawford/InStyle

Ventana Three-Tier Chandelier, $1,850; at Jonathan Adler

Photo: Jonathan Adler

Obviously, Kim's closet is insanely organized, because that's how the Kardashian women roll. Though you may not be able to snag the custom-made, uber-luxe closet situation Kim has deemed selfie-ready, you can find similar mahogany-inspired shelving out there for a reasonably afforadable price.

Photo: instagram

ClosetMaid Chocolate Premium Closet System, $364.65; at Home Depot

Photo: Home Depot

Kim's daughter, North, looks super cute in a teepee, hanging out on the floor atop a sheepskin rug.

Photo: instagram

Lace Teepee with Garlands, $189; at Land of Nod

Photo: Land of Nod

Rens Sheepskin, $29.99; at IKEA

Photo: IKEA

Coffee table books are an essential part of every Kardashian home decor scheme, and we spied three easy picks at Kendall's house that would work on any table in your home—and would make great gifts, too.

Photo: instagram

Women by Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sontag, $24.15; at Amazon

Photo: Amazon

Diana: The Portrait by Rosalind Coward, $14.41; at Abe Books

Photo: Abe Books

Angels by Russell James, $145; at Amazon

Also at Kendall's house: Not just legs for days, but pillows for days, too. Though we didn't find this exact style, we found some very Kardashian pillows for you to try out at home.

Photo: instagram

Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover, $79; at West Elm

Photo: West Elm

Faux Fur Mongolian Light Taupe Lumbar Pillow, $34.95; at Pier 1

Photo: Pier 1

To make your bathroom look more camera-ready and less…well, like a bathroom, it's always wise to stash essentials like cotton balls and Q-tips in clear glass jars (instead of letting them languish in their oh-so-ugly packaging). The Kardashians know this as well as anyone.

Photo: instagram

Apothecary Jars, $7.99 to $11.99; at the Container Store

Photo: Container Store

Furry pillow alert, this time at Kylie Jenner's place. Also, importantly: Check out that rounded black vase in the background, which is just perfect for white flowers.

Photo: instagram

Trumpet Small Black Ceramic Vase, $59.95; at Crate & Barrel

Photo: Crate & Barrel

Khloé prides herself on her table settings, and this cozy fall-themed look wouldn't be complete without the tall, clear-glass candleholders sharing the spotlight with gorgeous flowers as the centerpiece.

Photo: instagram

Simple Hurricane Candleholders, $19 to $39; at West Elm

Photo: West Elm

Could this room be any more inviting? Probably not—which is thanks in part to the rug, which is covering up the surface of the floor and making everything look soft and cushy.

Photo: instagram

Sahara Area Rug in Gray Marble, $199.99; at Target

Photo: Target

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