The Best Exercise to Get a Butt Like the Kardashians

The Best Exercise to Get a Butt Like the Kardashians
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Ever since they popped onto our TV screens in 2007, the world has been fixated on the Kardashian sisters. And, thanks to Instagram, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian have pretty much singlehandedly brought the belfie into being, inspiring legions of women to hit the gym in hopes of establishing a similarly augmented booty. And though the sisters often clap back at rumors in regard to whether their derrières are fake or real—really, it’s none of our business—one thing is for sure: The Kardashian sisters definitely spend hours at the gym. (One look at their Instagram stories and you’ll be tired just watching how many squats they do on a regular basis.)

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Which brings us to the good news: If you’re looking to look like a Kardashian, uh, coming and going, their longtime trainer Gunnar Peterson recently revealed the best exercise to try to Insider. Peterson, who has also worked with younger sister Kendall Jenner, swears by none other than the age-old, tried-and-true method: good old squats.

But not just any squats. Gunnar recommends squats with bodybuilder-worthy weights. “You have to lift weights,” he said. “You have to overload the body in order for it to adapt to the stimulation. You can do body-weight squats all day long, but you’d be far better served to load up with some dumbbells, or a barbell, or a kettlebell, and then add some strong plyometric work to that.”

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For the uninitiated, plyometric workouts generally incorporate bursts of short, quick movements, like rounds of bicep dips or jumping jacks. Squats and lunges are vital, Gunnar told the publication—and switching up your movements can be key.

“You want to lunge to the side, you want to lunge twisting,” he said. “Those are all real-life movements that should be embraced at the gym, and I would do those all with weights.”

There you have it, folks. Now, if we could only speak with their accountants about how to get our bank accounts like them, that would be ideal.