Kanye Won’t Try to Outdress Lady Gaga on Upcoming Tour


So. Kanye and Lady Gaga, together. On tour. Co-headlining in what Kanye’s been saying is a musical meeting-of-equals. But what about the clothes? The Cut reports that, at last night’s Men.Style.com party celebrating the top 25 women in fashion, Kanye admitted he’s not really in the same realm as the Gaga, citing gender as a defense. “I can’t compete with her, I’m a guy,” he said. Whatever, Kanye. Your clothes horse reputation precedes you.

Will the spaceship-galactic-robotic aesthetic of Kanye’s 2008 shows creep into the upcoming tour? Lady Gaga already has the outfits for that. “I’m not going to say too much more about it, but just know it’s two creative minds meeting together for something incredible,” Kanye told The Cut. Think of the sartorial possibilities! A mash-up, perhaps? We’d love to see Gaga rock geek-chic and high tops, and Kanye in…sequins and leotards? Whatever. We could all use more sequins.