Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Leaks: The Album’s 8 Most Outrageous Moments

kanye west yeezus 650 Kanye Wests Yeezus Leaks: The Albums 8 Most Outrageous Moments

We almost made it to the June 18 release, but alas, someone on the Internet leaked Kanye West‘s hotly anticipated album “Yeezus” today—and we can’t say we’re mad about it. “Yeezus,” which is West’s sixth studio album as a solo artist, is bound to be his most controversial, as he experiments with different musical genres, collaborates with a wide range of artists—Frank Ocean, John Legend, and producers like Hudson Mohawke and Daft Punk all appear—and also addresses very serious themes from drugs and sex to slavery and divorce drama (we wonder who inspired that!).

In honor of the big reveal, we’ve provided the eight most outrageous moments from Yeezus below. Happy listening!

1. Kanye proclaims himself God.
With this past week’s incredibly cocky New York Times interview in which he adamantly compared himself to Steve Jobs, it’s no surprise that Kanye would proclaim himself God—on the creatively titled track, “I Am A God.” He also states that he’s the “only rapper who could compare to Michael,” probably referring to Michael Jackson, well-known as the King of Pop.

2. He demands croissants.
Also on “I Am A God,” he states that his God-like status should get him special treatment. “Hurry up with my damn croissants,” he raps aggressively.

3. He seemingly references girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s love for African-American men.
There’s no way else to explain it. In what appears as a take down of her ex-husband Kris Humphries, he states that she now has a “real” black man in her life again. Read the full, vulgar lyrics here.

4. He has a song with Bon Iver and Chief Keef.
It’s safe to say he’s the only one who could bring Bon Iver’s indie folk sensibilities onto the same track as controversial 17-year-old rapper Chief Keef. “Hold My Liquor” is somehow hauntingly beautiful, and truly proves Kanye’s creative prowess—and that anyone would kill to work with him.

5. He says he has a BlackBerry.
While it’s been widely rumored that Kanye hates using cell phones, in the track “I’m In It,” he raps, “Damn your lips very soft, as I turn my BlackBerry off, and I turn your bathwater on.” Obviously, this doesn’t mean that he actually uses a BlackBerry, but considering Kim’s lifelong devotion to the fledgling phone brand, we wouldn’t be surprised.

6. He samples Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit.”
Kanye made a really bold choice by having featuring samples from “Strange Fruit,” the haunting 1939 Billie Holiday song that gruesomely depicts slavery, on his song “Blood On The Leaves.”

7. He alludes to ex-girlfriend Amber Rose
In “Blood On The Leaves,” he states, “And you was screamin’ that you love me, before the limelight tore you, before the love life stole you, remember we were so young, well now we’re older.” He’s referenced his split with Amber Rose before and her love of the limelight after they started dating, so this makes sense.

8. He references how strong Beyoncé’s relationship with Jay-Z is.
In “Blood on the Leaves,” he calls out those who have claimed to know Jay-Z or have a relationship with him. “I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay-Z,” he raps. “He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy.”

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