Kanye West is Giving His Womenswear Line Yet Another Shot This Season

Spencer Cain

Say what you will about Kanye West, but the man is certainly dedicated to his craft. Although he was slammed by critics the first time he showed a womenswear collection, West showed some improvement with this second go-around, and is reportedly giving it another try for Spring 2013.

A source tells Fashionista that Mr. West is hard at work on the upcoming line, which we can only imagine (and hope) will be filled with more fur and $6,000 shoes. While there are many doubters out there, we think that Kanye may have what it takes to advance this go-around. If you don’t agree that he’s got the talent, you can at least admit that the man is well-connected, and really should be able to pull off a decent collection.

The city where Yeezy will show has not been confirmed, but we’re betting it will be Paris — only the best for the future Kardashian clan member. On that note, click through the gallery above for a look at Kanye’s last try at womenswear, and let us know if you think he’ll kill it this time around.

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