The Good, the Bad, and the (Mostly) Ugly from Kanye West’s Wiz Khalifa Twitter Rant

Cady Lang
(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Update: Today, the Internet collectively lost its shit when Kanye West went on a huge Twitter diatribe about Wiz Khalifa. The box-jawed rapper has since deleted his beefing tweets, but thankfully, the Web never forgets—which means that between our collective memories of this glorious, chaotic period and the many, many screenshots we all took, Kanye wilding on Wiz will live on in infamy.

Since Kanye is a Gemini, however, his sensitive side came out after the outburst, replete with apology and sympathy (although still somehow with that trademark braggadocio).

Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa wasn’t the only one that Kanye had fired shots at during his Twitter rant. His ex Amber Rose responded to West’s slut-shaming tweets about her with two tweets that are the definition of clap back (even going so far as to use Drake‘s diss track lyrics to get her point across).

No word on whether or not Khloé Kardashian is panicking yet.

Original Report: Kanye West has been unusually active on Twitter lately (let’s attribute it to his extensive immersion within the Kardashian world), and today, he engaged in one of the most epic Twitter beefs of all time. After seeing a tweet from Wiz Khalifa (who was married to Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose) that referred to “KK,” Kanye jumped the gun and assumed that Wiz was talking about Kim Kardashian, as opposed to weed (even though Wiz even has a song about smoking called “KK”).

To make a long story short, Kanye responded with an epic deluge of petty tweets that detail 17 reasons why Kanye is mad with Wiz Khalifa, which range from the paranoid and self-absorbed…

to the legitimate…

to the petty…

to the just plain rude…

to the bizarre…

Another day, another Kanye wilding moment.

He did, however, end the beef in peace.