Kanye West Will Show in Paris Saturday

Jessica Hoppe

With the#1 album in the country (along with Jay-Z, of course) and a highly anticipated womenswear line due any moment—is it only a matter of time before Kanye self sabotages?

For now he is keeping his mouth shut and head in his work. British Elle reports Kanye has employed the help ofKatie Eary, a British menswear designer who just held her first womenswearshow in London this week.

Kanye came out in support of his new partner and headed backstage post-show. Although he refused to speak to the press,Eary was happy to gush over her new-found working relationship with the notorious artist and aspiring designer. Katie toldBritish Elle:

‘I absolutely love working with him,’ [Eary] said. ‘He’s such a dedicated designer. It’s not what everybody would think — he’s more dedicated than I am. The time and the travel that he puts in is unbelievable. I feel jealous at his commitment.’

Kanye, a fan of Celine‘s Phoebe Philo, has been working amidst a slew ofrumors (such as his studio actually being Turnmills), So why don’t we clarify what we actually know:

1) He will show in Paris on Saturday.

2) According to The Cut he draws on paper.

The excessive rumors are a good sign. Seems we are all dying to see what the notorious trash-talker will actually come up with because at the end of the day, it’s all about the clothes in Paris — doesn’t matter who you are or if you type in all-caps on Twitter just to get your point across.

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