Breaking News: Kanye West is a Pretty Nice Guy

Meghan Blalock

Newsflash! Kanye West has a pretty solid reputation at this point for being kind of a major jerk; he picks fights with talk show hosts over asinine offenses, he goes on long and largely unprovoked Twitter rants, and he’s even gotten into legal trouble for allegedly attacking a paparazzo. But now, he’s shown his softer side to all the world.

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Walking back to their abode from dinner last night, Kanye, Kim Kardashian, and Jonathan Cheban were being surrounded by photographers (as per usual) when a young man walked up beside them and explained to Kanye that he’s a budding rapper working on his craft. “I’ve been working on my sh-t, trying to get better at it,” the man told him. Then he started freestyling right there, while walking alongside Yeezy.

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Kim and Jonathan eventually retreat inside the lobby of their building, but Kanye actually stays outside, by himself, to listen to the young man finish his rap. “That was pretty good, man!” Kanye says, before shaking the rapper’s hand. “I’m gonna go get some sleep now.” The young rapper then thanks him for listening, and scene.

Watch the endearing clip below, and see if it gives you a soft Kanye spot in your heart like it did for us!