Oh Boy: Kanye West Is Now The Subject Of An Academic Textbook

Julie Gerstein

Kanye West is going to get what he’s probably always wanted: He’ll be the subject of a new textbook—yes, textbook—out this March. It’s called The Cultural Impact of Kanye West, and it clocks in at more than 300 pages. Editor Julius Bailey’s collection focuses on the “moral and social implications of West’s words, images and music in the broader context of Western civilization’s preconceived ideas.”

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Bailey is a professor of philosophy at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. He previously wrote a book titled Hip Hop and Philosophical Inquiry, and edited a collection of essays on Jay Z’s impact on music. This latest tome aims to analyze West’s influence, reach, and, according to Bailey’s book synopsis, “how West both challenges religious and moral norms and propagates them.”

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We love the irony of an academic textbook being written about a guy who named an album “The College Dropout.” The Cultural Impact is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for the rather bombastic price of $78.85. We think Kanye would approve.

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