Kanye West Enlists Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban For American Psycho-Themed Video

Spencer Cain
Photo via Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation

Photo via Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation

When we first saw the guest list for Kanye West‘s intimate 36th birthday dinner at New York Caribbean restaurant Miss Lily’s, we were a little bit surprised. Usual heavy hitters like his dear friend Jay-Z and his crop-top clad wife Beyoncé as well as fellow rapper Nas made the cut, but so did Scott Disick and Jonathan Cheban.

Disick, of course, is Kourtney Kardashian‘s baby daddy, and Cheban has been branded “Kim Kardashian‘s best friend” thanks to his frequent appearances on the famous family’s slew of reality shows. So obviously, they have a close connection to West’s girlfriend and soon-to-be mother to his daughter, who was unable to be there due to flying restrictions. However, we figured there was more to their attendance than just West wanting to include them in the fun.

According to In Touch, West—who was in New York for his performance at Governors Ball last night—enlisted Disick and Cheban for a new viral music video to drum up buzz for his upcoming album Yeezus which is slated for a June 18 release. The theme? “American Psycho.” The Bret Easton Ellis-book-turned-movie has a massive cult following, and two members of that cult include West and Disick, the latter of which has admitted that he bases his style off of the main character Patrick Bateman.

Apparently, the trio spent the majority of the weekend filming the video at Brooklyn Fireproof Soundstages in Brooklyn with hopes that it will go viral. As the themes of “American Psycho” are predominantly sex, murder and excess, we can’t really imagine what’s going to go down—but we do know one detail: Cheban gets killed at the end.

West is also making headlines today thanks to his rousing Governors Ball performance, where he introduced three aggressive new songs and slammed critics and stated that he was over being on the radio, and didn’t care what people thought of his music. Between this, the world eagerly waiting on Kardashian to give birth, and the “American Psycho” video, we’re pretty sure that Yeezy has got the publicity thing down pat.

The video is supposedly being released later this week—so we’ll keep you posted on what’s destined to be one of the most bizarre things ever!

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