Kanye West Reveals That His Dad Was a Paparazzi

Leah Bourne
Kanye West At the 2014 Cannes Lions

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Kanye West landed in court following an altercation with a paparazzi, but now the rapper has made an interesting revalation—that his father was actually a celebrity photographer. “My father was a paparazzo himself. My father was a medical illustrator, a Black Panther, a Christian marriage counselor,” West told a lawyer during a deposition which was reviewed by The Daily Mail.

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A little digging, and we discovered that West’s father, Ray West, has taken photos of the likes of Ronald Reagan and Maya Angelou, so it doesn’t seem like he chasing celebrities through parking lots, but an interesting twist on West’s relationship with the paparazzi none-the-less.

As far as West’s thoughts on paparazzi he revealed: “My mother was the first black chair of the English department in Chicago State. They didn’t raise me to be out here wrestling with random paparazzi in front of LAX.” Still, West isn’t anti all paparazzi, just some.

“Sometimes I get in the car with the paparazzi. Paparazzi help me to park,” he shared. “The paparazzi watch my car and makes sure that cops don’t give me tickets. There are some nice guys out here trying to just feed their family. And then there’s assholes.”

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The rapper pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge related to his run-in with a celebrity photog in 2014 and was sentenced to two years of probation, 24 anger management therapy sessions, and 250 hours of community service. He had another scuffle with a paparazzo in 2008.

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