Apparently, Kanye West Really Hates T-Shirts With Numbers on the Back

Meghan Blalock

Oh, Yeezy. Whatever it is that motivates you to go off on completely random, aimless, and largely nonsensical rant—keep doing it. If nothing else, it has provided us with a cumulative hours of entertainment.

Last night in New York, Kanye West took the mic at a private party to go on a rant that, the rapper himself claimed, was motivated by his being “loose off the [Grey] Goose.” In it, he takes on no one in particular, but a lot of people in general: anyone who likes to make a lot of money (ahem, pot, meet kettle), anyone who wears camo print, and, of particular interest: designers who create T-shirts with “numbers on the back.”

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“Trying to throw numbers on the back of they sh*t,” Kanye yells into the mic. “Starting a t-shirt line and putting numbers on the back of their s–t; f–k you!”

We can’t help but think this little rant is aimed indirectly at rogue designer Brian Lichtenberg, who has made a killing selling a number of T-shirt designs that poke fun at fashion (e.g., “Homies” instead of “Hermès“). Also coming to mind: LPD New York’s recent collection of jersey-inspired T-shirts with designers’ last names and, yes, numbers on the back.

But perhaps most notably: Kanye’s BFF Riccardo Tisci, the man who helms Givenchy, recently did something just like this, with his controversial “Pervert” T-shirts. So we gotta ask: did the pair recently have a falling out? Is Kanye pinpointing and attacking him in a roundabout way? So many questions!

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Watch Kanye’s full rant above and see if you agree with us: he seems really, really worked up about this. Calm down, Yeezy! They’re just some damn T-shirts.