5 Things Kanye West’s Mysterious ‘June 18’ Tweet Could Mean

Meghan Blalock

kanye1 5 Things Kanye Wests Mysterious June 18 Tweet Could Mean

Another day, another Kanye West Twitter stunt.

Continuing his (at best) bizarre relationship with the social media platform, Kanye decided this morning to delete every single past tweet and replace them all with this cryptic gem: “June Eighteen.”

After New York-based DJ Peter Rosenberg spoke out this week about West’s next album—he said it’s “done” and “very dark”— the most obvious possible meaning is that June 18 is its release date. But considering Yeezy’s storied history with Twitter, there’s really no telling what the rapper and soon-to-be-dad was trying to convey with the mysterious message. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a shot. Below, five educated guesses at what Kanye’s trying to tell the world.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.42.13 AM

1. It’s Kim’s due date. Ever since Kanye’s girlfriend, reality starlet Kim Kardashianannounced she was pregnant with his kid in December, we’ve anticipated a summer baby. But could Kanye be getting specific?

2. A video release date. We haven’t seen a new video from Yeezy since the controversial clip for 2010’s “Monster,” and before that his epic, 23-minute long creation for “Runaway” (screenshot above). Could the artist be about to share a new visual feast with us?

3. The launch of a new fashion line. Ever since Kanye made his somewhat unfriendly Fashion Week debut in Paris in October 2011, we’ve been wondering if he’d introduce another collection. He did collaborate with Givenchy on those wing-tipped pumps that Kim loves to wear, but a full line is still TBD.

4. Speaking of Givenchy … Maybe June 18 means the French fashion house is releasing a new iteration of one of Kanye’s buzziest—and most hated-0n— style staplesthe black leather kilt.

5.  And maybe it means absolutely nothing. Knowing Kanye, that wouldn’t shock us one bit. Plus, we’re spending precious time talking about it, so even it means nothing, it kind of means something.

And on that existential note, let us know what you think Kanye West’s mysterious tweet could mean in the comments section below!

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