Kanye West Takes Aim at Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter Over Skit

Meghan Blalock

Kanye West is mad, y’all. The rapper went on an all-caps rage against talk show host Jimmy Kimmel last night on Twitter, and it’s all over a skit that Kimmel put together for his late-night talk show spoofing parts of West’s recent interview with BBC Radio.

According to West: “Jimmy Kimmel is out of line to try and spoof in any way the first piece of honest media in years.” He also noted that he didn’t find Kimmel’s skit funny in the slightest, writing: “Jimmy Kimmel, I don’t take it as a joke … you don’t have scum bags hopping over fences trying to take pictures of your daughter.”

Here’s the backstory:  West sat down with BBC Radio earlier this week for his first hour-long interview in years earlier this week, and while he said a lot of things that were intelligent, he also said a few things that were a little silly.

Kimmel, seeing an opportunity to make fun of a star that—let’s be honest—really does take himself incredibly seriously, and hired two kid actors to re-create the conversation between Kanye and Zane Lowe.

As it happens, Kanye was not amused.

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Kimmel seems to be taking the high road in the feud, responded to Kanye’s Twitter spiel late last night on his show (watch the clip above above). He expressed little more than bewilderment and a bit of excitement over “finally being in a rap feud.”

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Here’s our question: why is Kanye so darn sensitive to these things? After years in the spotlight, you’d think that the person who boasts about being “the biggest rock star on the planet right now” would have a bit thicker skin—and if you check out the skit below, you’ll see that it’s relatively harmless, as well as (sorry to say it, Kimmel) not all that funny.

Do you think Kanye was right to be offended, or is he making taking it all a bit too seriously?