Of Course Kanye Tweeted a Fake ‘Rolling Stones’ Cover of Himself

Cady Lang

Another morning, another day of Kanye West making waves on the Internet (sorry, we had to). Late last night, Yeezy posted a picture of him on the cover of Rolling Stone, as shot by fellow artist Tyler the Creator, with the cover copy, “Does he like mustard?”


It’s a valid question—and one that Rolling Stone also had, seeing as this wasn’t an actual cover that they made, as evidenced by their tweet:

Kanye wasn’t finished having his fun on the Internet yet, though (apparently, having Twitter rants that inspire Shakespearean monolgues , anal sex playlists, and Amber Rose-Kim Kardashian tea sessions are just not enough) and decided to share his faux cover with a clever hashtag, #trollingstone and a Twitter poll.



It then devolved, quite predictably, into another petty Twitter beef (because if there is anything we have learned over the past two weeks it’s that no one does petty quite like Yeezy)—this time, directed at Billboard, for daring to call his cover “fake.” Next time, @ them, Kanye.