We Waded Through Kanye’s Anthology of Batsh*t Tweets So You Don’t Have To

We Waded Through Kanye’s Anthology of Batsh*t Tweets So You Don’t Have To
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Erratic rants filled with slightly deluded, self-congratulatory, or just plain random sound bites—whether on Twitter or in interviews—have become an integral portion of Kanye West’s CV. They’re as synonymous with the rapper as, say, rapping or playing Henry Higgins to Kim Kardashian’s Eliza Doolittle, but within the last month, The Life of Pablo maestro has been working overtime to earn his stripes in the Famous Person Who’s Probably a Little More Out There than We Initially Thought department.

It started in late January with an aggressive Twitter takedown beef against Wiz Khalifa (and, by extension, Amber Rose) in late January, and has since escalated to include a myriad of subjects and ideologies, including but in no way limited to his thoughts on the price of textbooks, his plans to sell winter coats in the winter, how Young Thug needs to be present at the Grammy Awards, and Roman citizenship.

There have been hundreds upon hundreds of tweets, and trying to read them all and figure out any sort of meaning is futile, which is why our editors chose a sampling of their favorites—specifically, the one that really spoke to them on a Kanye-esque level—as a means to help busy people like you understand what the new Einstein all about.

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Yes, let's. (Jessica Teves, editor in chief)

FINALLY, someone said it. 🙌(Perrie Samotin, editorial director)

Mazel. (Melissa Medvedich, creative director) 

Obviously imagining him wide-eyed wearing a straitjacket with this one. (Cristina Velocci, managing editor)

We all dream of having a love in our lives to match the way Kanye feels about Kanye. (Jasmine Garnsworthy, editor)

Squad goals. (Rachel Krause, beauty editor)

K. (Hilary George-Parkin, fashion editor)

Mood, always. (Cady Lang, social media editor)

Almost positive he saw this on the wall at Kim's gynecologist's office and felt inspired that day. (Joey Skladany, contributor) 

Cool! (Kristen Bateman, associate editor)

Valid point. (Caitlin Miller, beauty editor)

#Same. (Leah Cooper, beauty editor)

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