Kanye West Is Doing Court-Ordered Community Service at Fashion Schools

Leah Bourne
Kanye West community service fashion school

Photo: Getty

Back in March, Kanye West struck a deal in his paparazzi battery case to avoid jail time. In return for pleading no contest, he was required to attend anger management therapy sessions and to complete 250 hours of community service.

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Unlike Lindsay Lohan, who famously did court ordered community service at a morgue or Chris Brown, who was forced to pick up trash on the side of the road, it seems Yeezus’ community service involves him doing what he does best—talking about himself and his “fashion career.”

TMZ is reporting that West visited the L.A. Trade Technical College today to speak with students about his personal experiences in the fashion business (because apparently two failed attempts at launching a fashion line make you some kind of an expert). Reportedly, this is his third visit to the school in the last six weeks, and today’s lesson focused on designers and lasted three hours (how much of that time was devoted to Riccardo Tisci is anyone’s guess).

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TMZ is also reporting that West plans to speak at various fashion colleges in the L.A. area to chip away at his community service hours, so your school could be next.