Kanye Congratulates Kim By Posting 8 Naked Photos on Twitter

Leah Bourne

A typical husband will show he’s proud of his wife with an affirmation, an encouraging text, flowers, or if he’s especially share-y, maybe a Facebook post. Not Kanye West. When congratulating wife Kim Kardashian for Sunday’s season premiere of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”—along with that fact that the reality queen, 34, just reached 30 million Twitter followers—West posted a series of … naked photos of his wife. Sigh.

If he was trying to shock us, he didn’t really succeed because, well, it’s nothing all of us haven’t seen 101 times. However, posting these highly unnecessary images just drives home the idea that Kanye is the one facilitating his wife’s recent overtly sexual—boarding on pornographic—image.

Still, is it just us or is looking at Kardashian’s exposed breasts and butt basically the same as looking at photos of avocado toast at this point?

Here, the series of Tweets, so you can judge them for yourself:









Kardashian responded on Twitter saying:

Burning question for these two: Do you really communicate outside social media, or what?