Justin Timberlake V. Kathy Griffin: Raunchy Spreads Face Off

Spencer Cain

People who don’t love Justin Timberlake or Kathy Griffin are just not human. Well, I could understand if Kathy was a little too racy for your tastes, but you can’t deny how hilarious she is. And Justin is pretty much the closest thing to perfect the entertainment industry has ever seen. Hot, talented, successful and humble, he’s a true Southern gent. (Okay, I don’t know if he’s actually humble, but he’s still dating Jessica Biel after many years and near break-ups, and that’s not an accomplishment to be scoffed at.)

Anyway, both Justin and Kathy appear in two new naughty mag spreads, and we’re dying to know which is your fave. Justin teamed up with funny man Jimmy Fallon for the GQ Men of the Year issue, where both are honored as the “Showmen of the year.” Meanwhile,gay icon Kathy got up close and personal with Modern Family’s resident gingerJesse Tyler Ferguson for Out Magazine‘s Out100 issue. The duo decided to recreate one of the most memorable and controversial covers of all time:Janet Jackson topless on Rolling Stone in 1993.

Now this is a lot of groping, kids, so choose wisely and vote below for your favorite!