Justin Timberlake Dances in Ankle-Length Skinnies In ‘Take Back the Night’ Video

Meghan Blalock

After Justin Timberlake got into a bit of trouble over his latest single “Take Back The Night,” we weren’t exactly the most excited to see the just-released music video for the dance track. But in typical JT fashion, we’ve been converted.

The clip illustrates the power of the music video: it takes an otherwise so-so song (let’s be honest, folks!) and—using a cool New York City setting, a fun-looking nightclub, and a super chic wardrobe—turns it into a head-bopping tune you just can’t seem to get out of your head.

The best part about this clip, though, is JT’s outfits: he starts out dancing on the sidewalk in black ankle-length skinnies, white tennies, and a crisp button-up with a black sweater detailing. (Swoon.) We also see him in a recent performance look: a short-sleeve button-up, black trousers, and silver-tipped white Oxfords, with (of course) his signature fedora. It would seem that his partnership with Tom Ford has had quite the stylish effect on him.

There’s just something about a man in ankle-length skinnies. Here’s hoping this look comes back very, very soon. Watch the clip above!

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