Justin Timberlake Named ‘Creative Director’ of Bud Light Platinum

Spencer Cain
Justin Timberlake


Just yesterday, news broke that Marc Jacobs was named the creative director of Diet Coke. A week prior, Alicia Keys was named creative director of BlackBerry. And now, Bud Light Platinum has announced that they’re bringing on Justin Timberlake to serve as their creative director. While celebrities have served as creative directors in the past, it seems to be a major trend lately—so much so that we enlisted a branding expert to explain the mutual benefits of these types of partnerships.

Considering Timberlake has recently partnered up with Tom Ford, we were surprised to see that he’d go in this direction, but he feels it’s the perfect fit. “Bud Light Platinum brings a refined, discerning aesthetic to beer that plays well with what I’m doing,” he said. “I’m looking forward to not only being a part of the creative process, but in bringing other talented musicians to the forefront as well.”

Frankly, we’re not entirely sure what the difference between Bud Light and Bud Light Platinum is, aside from the latter having a higher alcohol content, but perhaps Timberlake will work his magic and have the beer in all of our hands. Hey, if the man can revive MySpace, he can probably sell a few beers.

What do you think of the partnership—on point or totally odd?