These New Photos Of Justin Timberlake & Alisha Wainwright Leaving His Trailer Prove Nothing

Justin Timberlake
Photo: Getty.

Say what you will, but Justin Timberlake and Alisha Wainwright’s new pictures from the set of their film, Palmer, still aren’t giving us any cheating vibes. Apparently, this new photographic “evidence” obtained by Daily Mail is meant to prove the alleged cheating scandal that was sparked this weekend, when paparazzi caught Timberlake and Wainwright holding hands and acting a little too cozy after wrapping up on set. But what are we seeing here, really? Two actors exiting a trailer one after the other? Gasp! It’s not like they’re at work, or anything.

Here’s the thing—there’s this wonderful concept on film sets, and it’s called “hair and makeup.” You know, usually that phrase refers to an actual trailer where actors can hang out to refresh and prepare between takes. In a video and photos taken by Daily Mail photographers, we can see Alisha exiting a trailer (literally marked as the “MAKEUP” trailer) dressed in character. She appears to be taking a call, and soon after, Justin steps out wearing a navy button-up tucked into his pants. So, uh, yeah—cheating scandal confirmed?

No, obviously. This is more than likely proof that these two are simply doing their jobs on set.

A source confirmed to E! News that “there is nothing going on between them,” while another E! insider added that “they are just working together. No validity to any other rumor other than that they are filming together.” There you have it.

Honestly, Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel, isn’t bothered by these rumors, either. While media outlets have attempted to spin the story into some kind of sign that these two are about to end their seven-year marriage, the reality is that they aren’t going to let something so simple as holding hands with a person of the opposite gender—gasp!—forecast the end of their partnership. If Jessica’s good, we should be, too. Let live, let go, and let’s move on.