Justin Bieber’s New Song Is All About How “Yummy” Hailey Bieber Is—Well Then!

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin
Photo: Ricky Vigil M/GC Images.

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Remember when the Biebs promised us new music in 2020? Well, we got it! Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” lyrics and meaning about Hailey Baldwin were a pleasant gift for fans as soon as it hit streaming services at midnight. While the song’s chorus does get a little repetitive—after all, how many times can you say “yummy, yum” without getting a little tired—there are some hidden gems within the verses. And that’s because they definitely allude to Justin’s perspective on his relationship with Hailey as of late, giving us even more of an understanding into their dynamic.

On the surface, “Yummy” can honestly be interpreted as a song about—shall we say—lovemaking. With lyrics like “Rollin’ eyes back in my head, make my toes curl, yeah, yeah,” it’s pretty clear cut. After all, this is also the guy who wants to make babies with Hailey ASAP. But given that Justin is still 25, whereas his recent bride is only 23, there’s really no rush—which gives plenty of time for the busy artist to focus on his music and mental health, instead. That latter point is especially important here: Justin’s entire album is apparently going to be a tribute to Hailey for holding him down throughout his battles with addiction and depression. For now, “Yummy” is a lighthearted installment. Yet it’s not without its own reflective moments, which include the lyrics below.

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“Ain’t in no stable, no, you stay on the run / Ain’t on the side, you’re number one”

In an allusion to Megan Thee Stallion, Justin calls his wife a “Bonafide stallion” just moments before confirming that she’s the only woman he’s…riding? Look, we said this song has sexual innuendos all over the place, but we highlight these next two lines because it is sweet that Justin’s promising his wife that he really only has eyes for her. She’s not “on the side”—a.k.a his side chick—she’s “number one!”

“Fifty-fifty, love the way you split it / Hundred racks, help me spend it, babe”

Some are already interpreting the former part of this verse as a nod to the fact that Justin and Hailey didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement before their wedding back in September 2018 at City Hall. “Fifty-fifty,” suggests that no matter how things end up, the couple will split their finances evenly—even if it ends in divorce. But the following line confirms that this isn’t even a worry for Justin in the first place: “Hundred racks, help me spend it,” is his way of saying “Hey, babe, here’s $100,000!” Not that Hails needs it—she is a wildly successful model in her own right.

“That jet set, watch the sunset kinda, yeah, yeah”

In line with that last lyric, Justin and Hailey definitely have the expendable time and income to travel—so they make good use of that privilege. Here, “jet set” is a clear reference to the number of trips they take together. Most recently, they rang in the New Year poolside—you love to see it!