Justin Bieber To Appear On Two Teen Vogue Covers In May

Perrie Samotin

justin Justin Bieber To Appear On Two Teen Vogue Covers In MayGuess what, you guys? You’ll be seeing Justin Bieber‘s smug mug on not one Teen Vogue cover, but two.

According to WWD,  the 19-year-old the modern-day matinee idol is set to appear on two different covers of the mag’s May music issue. This marks the second time that the Biebs has been tapped by Teen Vogue, although his last cover—in October 2010—was PBA (pre-badass, that is. Sideswept bangs and all.)

What’s interesting is that there’s been quite a bit of public talk lately about which stars have pull on newsstands and—like Taylor Swift, who’s pretty much a no-sell star when she appears on glossies—Bieber’s allure is low.

In 2011, Bieber was Vanity Fair’s worst seller (not shocking—yes, he was zeitgesity at the time, but probably not important enough to readers of the highbrow culture glossy), and he sold 5% below average for Rolling Stone that same year, according to WWD.

However, the pop star has been in the news lately for his increasingly erratic public behavior (again, not shocking considering this seems to be what happens to child stars in our culture), and Teen Vogue wisely teases this news hook, splashing “Justin’s Crazy Year!” across the cover. In the past few days alone, Bieber has been banned from a Vienna nightclub, had his pet monkey seized by custom officials in Germany, and paraded through a Polish airport shirtless. Not to mention this was the year he and his equally Teen Vogue-friendly girlfriend, Selena Gomez, called it quits.

Inside the magazine, Justin’s asked about the incessant rumors he faces, to which he responds: “I don’t need to address every speculation. Remember when Cam’ron dissed Jay-Z? Jay-Z didn’t even respond. Why didn’t he respond, because he’s Jay-Z.”

There you have it. Sagely words from Mr. Bieber.

teenvogue Justin Bieber To Appear On Two Teen Vogue Covers In May