File This Under Gross: Justin Bieber Caught on Camera Getting Real Personal with a Stripper

Becca Endicott

It’s been a rough couple of months for Justin Bieber, who appears to be fighting hard to take the title for most cliché downward spiral from former child stars Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. He kicked off the New Year by allegedly egging his neighbor’s house (and getting rapper Lil Za busted for possession during the subsequent police raid), then followed up with a DUI and drag racing arrest in Miami and assault charges in Canada.

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It looks like all that trouble doesn’t matter when you’re famous, as the Biebz hit New York City this weekend for the Super Bowl, and added to his already-impressive record of debauchery when this gross photo surfaced on Twitter of the pop star sharing a stripper’s, um, assets with a male friend (who was identified by the Mirror as Khaleel Sharieff.) The super-classy and not-at-all-exploitative photo features the 19-year old superstar apparently biting down on one of the performer’s nipples, officially grossing out everyone who remembers Bieber from his start as a fresh-faced and earnest tweenager.

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While this is hardly surprising behavior coming from the guy who was caught allegedly sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel last year, you can bet the “deport Bieber to Canada” supporters are taking notice.

Head over to Twitter to see the racy photo now, and let us know: Are you shocked at Bieber’s behavior?