Justin Bieber’s Epic ‘Sorry’ Video: All-Girl Dance Crews and ’90s Neon

I didn’t think the week could get any better after Drake‘s “Hotline Bling” dance moves were unleashed unto the world, but then Justin Bieber released his latest music dance video and new single, “Sorry”—and he’s not even in it.

The video stars two all-female, bad-bitch dance crews—ReQuest and The Royal Family—led by their choreographer, Parris Goebel.

1445550123 justin Justin Biebers Epic Sorry Video: All Girl Dance Crews and 90s Neon

TBH, I don’t really follow Bieber’s music, but I’ve already watched this video 11 times. The dancers are so mesmerizing, and their outfits are so perfectly ’90s that I didn’t even notice that Biebs wasn’t in it until the end, when the crews hold up a poster that says “We [Heart] JB.” Whoops.

Can you blame me? The neon! The graphic crop tops! The scrunchies! The ladies hooked me with the pink fishnet bolero and reeled me in with the one-strap overalls.

Don’t even get me started on the matching three-piece denim yin-yang playsuit. Seriously, the ‘90s fly-girl fashion cannot be topped: The Adidas, the Timbs, the Jordan jersey—it’s all there.

Plastic hoop earrings, sunglasses indoors, freaking tiny chokers and gold chains! Hello, Halloween! My ’90s girl squad is calling. On a landline.

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Clearly, the days of heavily choreographed, In Living Colorstyle dance troupes are back.

bieber sorry index Justin Biebers Epic Sorry Video: All Girl Dance Crews and 90s Neon

The other admirable thing about this video is that the ladies never. stop. dancing. Not for a second. And I’m not talking little classic moves like the garden sprinkler or the monkey. I’m talking ab-crunching, arm-swinging, thigh-squatting moves that could spawn ridiculous nicknames and engage every muscle you’ve got. I nearly broke an aerobic sweat just watching.

But less talking, more dancing. Sit back, grab a Tang, and check out the “Sorry” video in all its booty-popping glory.