Justin Bieber Sleeping: New Video Surfaces Taken By a Brazilian Woman

Meghan Blalock

Remember over the weekend when Justin Bieber was alleged to have been spotted emerging from a brothel in San Paolo, Brazil? He left the adult establishment with a blanket completely covering himself, which made it hard to officially recognize him. Now a new video has emerged that has some wondering if a video exists as well.

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In the clip, which you can check out above, a Brazilian woman (who has been identified as Tati Neves ) films the snoozing pop star before turning the camera on herself and blowing him a goodbye kiss.

Sources inside the Bieber camp of course deny the woman is a prostitute, and told TMZ that Neves was one of 50 people invited to a concert after-party in a rented house and took the footage of the 19-year-old pop star after he fell asleep on a couch. TMZ also reported that Bieber is telling his pals that he’s totally “creeped out” by the video and is disappointed that he now has to defend himself against hooker claims. (Uh, you did visit a brothel, Justin, even if this particular woman had nothing to do with it.)

Regardless, it’s clear Neves wasn’t letting the fact that she had world-famous pop star sleeping feet away from her go to waste!

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Watch the 15-second clip of Bieber peacefully snoozing above, and tell us how you think Justin met the woman who filmed it!