Justin Bieber Went On A Solo Spiritual Retreat In The Wake Of ‘Lose You To Love Me’

Kristen Martin
Justin Bieber
Photo: Shutterstock.

Justin Bieber has had quite the year–and it’s not even over yet. On Nov. 7, the newlywed singer was spotted outside a Beverly Hills medical office, and from the looks of it, he seems a little sad. Justin Bieber’s reaction to “Lose You To Love Me”, the latest track from Selena Gomez, appears to be solemn. Earlier this week, Bieber took to Instagram to share photos from a trip to the mountains. The caption read, “Took a road trip by myself to pray, think reflect.. time to get back to WIFEY.” So it’s clear that he left spouse Hailey Baldwin behind during his spiritual retreat. 

Since the release of Selena Gomez’s new song, fans have speculated that there may be trouble in the Bieber paradise, which would explain Bieber’s need to retreat alone. While the newlyweds have kept their responses to Gomez’s new music minimal, the photo of Bieber hugging his bodyguard outside of a medical office leaves fans wondering if Justin is OK.

One user commented and said, “It’s cause he sobers up just enough to realize he got married, awhile back, and it wasn’t to Selena Gomez,” while another said, “Marriage does that. Destroys your soul. It’s gonna be ok little millionaire. You’ll make it. Somehow.” 

It’s unclear whether Bieber was retreating to take a break from his marriage or clear his conscious of the damage done to Gomez—as hinted in her latest tracks. However, he does seem rejuvenated. Recently, Bieber posted via Instagram Story, “If your reading this know that you have extraordinary value! You are loved! You are special! God sees you and he adores you!You are going to make it. Get some good sleep and trust that god has good plans for you !!!”

It seems he did have a spiritual awakening after all, and no matter what spurred his decision to reflect on his life, his latest posts certainly appear positive.