Despite His Track Record With Animals, Justin Bieber Got a Dog for Christmas

Julie Gerstein

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy unveiled the newest member of the Bieber clan—an adorable American bulldog puppy he was given for Christmas.

Just look at that face! Adorable! Except, remember what happened to the Biebz previous furry friends? Belonging to Justin Bieber never ends well. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

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There was his hamster Pac, who died after being given to a fan, the albino boa constrictor he auctioned off, and then there was Mally, the monkey he abandoned in Germany. So sorry if we’re just a bit skeptical about the fate of this little guy.

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To name the dog, Bieber’s dad went to the fans, and asked them to offer picks. (Oh, did you know that the Biebz’ dad has nearly 2,000,000 Twitter followers, all of whom presumably thank him daily for birthing their musical idol?) After countless suggestions, the Biebers chose Karma. It seems like a funny choice, given, of course, Justin’s aforementioned terrible history with pets. Hopefully his pet karma won’t get cashed in, and he’ll have better luck with this cute bulldog.

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